Aguarela Verde Vision

Our Vision

Aguarela Verde has the vision to support the import and export of Portuguese products from the primary sector supporting and biding together these producers on a single platform in order to enhance and strength this productive sector.

It also aims to create and support the development of a group of young farmers focused in organic farming and adhering to good agricultural practices (Global GAP).
This area of activity includes already a group of 3 companies for the following production areas:
- The company João Pedro Lobato Lda, to produce shiitake from wooden logs.
- The company Gonçalo Cravo Sampaio Lda, to produce Pleurotus mushrooms in pasteurized vegetable substrate.
- The Company José Miguel Amaral Lda, to produce Exotic mushrooms in sterilized vegetable substrate.
- Shortly it will be formed a fourth business company for the production of Opuntia ficus-indica

Our goal is to place these products on the Portuguese domestic market and export to the countries of Europe with higher interest in organic farming such as France, UK, Germany and Eastern European countries.


Import & Export

Aguarela Verde, Lda.
Rua São Tomé, Nº 57, Cioga do Campo, 3025-632 São João do Campo, Portugal

(+351) 968 791 175

Shiitake Production

João Pedro Lobato, Lda.

(+351) 968 791 175

Pleurotus Production

Gonçalo Cravo Sampaio, Lda.

(+351) 919 176 266

Exotic Mushrooms Production

José Miguel Amaral, Lda.

(+351) 913 239 911

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