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About Us

Aguarela Verde starts its activity on the 1st of July 2014 having as founding partners the businessman João Manuel Lobato and the Agricultural Engineer João Pedro Lobato.

Its center of activity is located in the place of Vale de Rainha, parish of St. Silvestre, municipality of Coimbra near the old Palace of St. Mark, the former summer residence of the Portuguese Royal Family.

This property of Vale de Rainha with an area of approximately 4 hectares was in the 40's and 50 years part of a large wine farm belonging to the predecessors of the current investors and was submitted to a global land rearrangement to suit the technical requirements demanded by the greenhouses erection.

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Aguarela Verde, Lda.
Rua São Tomé, Nº 57, Cioga do Campo, 3025-632 São João do Campo, Portugal

(+351) 968 791 175


Shiitake Production

João Pedro Lobato, Lda.

(+351) 968 791 175


Pleurotus Production

Gonçalo Cravo Sampaio, Lda.

(+351) 919 176 266


Exotic Mushrooms Production

José Miguel Amaral, Lda.

(+351) 913 239 911


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